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About Me

I'm a 25 year old female with a boyfriend, who has lived in Korea for over 3 years, and he's been a Korean for over 2 years. I'm a recent high school graduate who got my bachelors degree from a university in Japan, but I'm still very shy around people, especially in front of the camera. I enjoy music, anime, and video games. I'm the type of girl that can have a nice, long conversation with a guy at a bar, or just hanging out in my dorm room. I also get very into reading and movies, and I have a good imagination. I'm pretty happy to be single, though I might have a few days of happy hookups, if I'm lucky. (I'm a little afraid of the internet, because I get a lot of creepers.)

I'm a huge fan of video games, but not so much of the original "Zelda" series. My favorite is "The Legend of Zelda." I also love a lot of fantasy games, but that doesn't count. I'm also not really a fan of "Harry Potter." If you're wondering what my favorite "Harry Potter" movie is, then it's "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." I'm probably not the best person to ask about my "Harry Potter" interests, because I haven't read the books. I don't know any "Harry Potter" fanatics, but that's ok.

I've gotten lots of e-mails asking me for information about "Fantasia" or the "Fantasia 2000" movie, because they're very good, and I'd love to go see them. I know "Fantasia" is a very old and very popular movie. The only reason I don't want to see it is because my mother is very sick, and I don't want her to be sick. So there is no way hot korean girl I'm going to see that movie. But I love "Fantasia," and I have been watching it for years. I was actually able to talk to the people who made the movie about the problems in the movie. They told me that it was very hard to get the actors to sing the songs. In one scene, there was a scene with the main character (the one who sings the song) korean girls melbourne singing a song he didn't know how to play. He didn't even know that it was in the movie. That 's not the best way to make an adult movie. So that was my point of reference. I really liked "Fantastic Love."

(I also want to say that I don't know how you get into Korea. I would probably have to live in Korea for a while first, before I could make a serious effort to date, so I can't say for sure how you can do that.)

And finally, I had to ask what the other most common Korean dating sites were.

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What would you do with your Korean-to-English (Korean-to-English-to-Korean) dating profile if you had to make it all in English, instead of Korean?

The other two most popular sites were, surprisingly, not really very popular, in terms of number of users. There were like 100k or so unique users on both sites, so that would be like half of the total number of users. I think "dating sites" is kind of a silly term, but it's kind of fun, right? If there was one site that I would go to when I wanted to know what the Korean dating scene was like, it'd be that site. It's really easy to make it all in Korean. (I mean, you can just copy and paste the whole profile picture, and it'll work in Korean.)

I think I'd just like to have one more thing, though.

If you have a Korean-English-Korean (Korean-English-Korean-to-Korean) dating profile, I can probably guess what you'd korean websites be thinking: "You know, I think I want to make an English-Korean profile."

So, with all that said, here's my profile. If you're interested in dating Korean men, I hope that you'll take a look at this site, and consider using it. It's easy, it's fun, it'll probably help you get into Korea. I mean, it probably won't hurt! It's definitely not the "real" thing for the dating industry, though. And it certainly won't cost you a fortune either, since you only pay $4.95 per month.

For the first few weeks, I'll be sending out weekly updates on my life, to the how to find girlfriend online Korea-Koreans who are interested in dating me. After that, I'll be switching to a more regular emailing schedule (which will probably be until the first of the year). In other news, here's a new story: The Korean government has i can find a lover i can find a friend recently banned Korean language newspapers in the nation. These papers have been around for centuries and have been an integral part of Korea's identity for generations. They are widely read and are a vital source of information for Koreans. However, the Korean government has just made a decision that, for the time being, it's willing to ban all the Korean language newspapers from the country. The reason they decided to ban them is that they are filled with articles on social problems, which are asian ladies looking for man very popular in Korean society. In particular, the melissa in korean article "Crazy Girl's Night Out", which was about a crazy girl who goes out at night and has sex with other women, was banned. I won't go into all of the details about why they decided this, but the short answer is that the Korean government sees all these articles as a potential threat to its national security. I'm not sure if the Korean government wants to make sure that Korean language newspapers continue to exist, or if they're just trying to be politically correct (I don't know how to answer this question). However, at this point in time I'm not sure what I should do. My options are limited, because I have been forced to give up any chance of finding a Korean girl, or just not even looking for any.

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