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I recently did a study with an American friend of mine who has a PhD in Korean literature. I have been interested in Korean literature since I was i can find a lover i can find a friend a little girl. It's interesting to note that when you talk about the Korean literary scene, you are talking about a very young literary generation. I think this explains how the melissa in korean young generation is so enthusiastic about literature and literature is very high up in their priority list when they are thinking about college admissions. So, when you are a young writer in Korea, this interest in literature comes with a lot of confidence. And I think this is also the reason why I don't get many rejections. A lot korean girls melbourne of the time, the people that are really interested in my work are the ones that get my work out. And it's a really great way to get your work out to an audience that is open to your work. I think it's so great because it doesn't make you feel that you're a fraud when you're working, which is something I find to be a very common issue in Korea where people come in with such a high expectation of their writing and they don't deliver and they don't really feel like they can publish their work. You need to do that on a more intimate level with a few friends before you get published and I think you need to make that kind of a commitment to make your work as good as possible for your audience.

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