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korean dates

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Date: Feb 12, 2009 | Age: 19

Korean girls love dates. I've heard many tales of couples who ended up with two dates in their lifetime. They're quite rare nowadays, though.

Date: Feb 13, 2009 | Age: 23

The best thing to do on a date is not to go out with the guy you just met. It's always the girls that get jealous. This happens quite often, but most girls are so smart that they don't even see it coming. And if they're smart, they'll be so smart that the guy won't even realize it's an attempt at flirting, and then they'll be the one who feels the pain. The girl's not a stupid girl, she's actually intelligent. I had the most amazing date with a girl who was as smart as she was and was also a total bitch. I've been out with two guys who were actually in their twenties and she was the only one who looked into my eyes and was able to recognize who I was right from the first moment. This is why girls are so smart. They've made a career out of it and it is their entire life. They know what to expect. And if you try to take them seriously it doesn't work and it's like a game you're playing with them, not a relationship. I have been in relationships with people of all ages, but when I went to Japan for the first time I had no idea I would be able to make a girlfriend. I asian ladies looking for man never thought I would find a girl I could date, but it turns out she's got the most wonderful attitude. She goes home and she makes the time to make you laugh. She does her best to look like the picture. So it's nice to have someone like that, but she doesn't do it for herself. She does it for you. If I was a good boyfriend she would be happy. But, she doesn't go that far.

1. [+4,200, -621] The girl has that kind of personality, but she's the real deal. It's a pity that we have people like her. 2. [+3,735, -569] I really like the girl's personality ㅠㅠ 3. [+2,749, -419] When they i can find a lover i can find a friend look at her they'll go, "Wow, she looks so beautiful," but they can't help but look down at her 4. [+2,049, -405] I really liked the first time she went down on a date. ㅎㅎ She has an interesting personality 5. [+1,835, -296] I'm sorry for being a fan, but she's so much better than the other ones I've seen in my life. I'm sure there are people from my age who would still love her. 6. [+1,679, -261] She's pretty so I bet there's something wrong with her 7. [+1,568, -251] Why can't we have good-looking girls like this? It's too hard for me to find good looking girls anymore. 8. [+1,250, -202] I always wanted to try dating from Korea.. But I'm just a normal girl. I don't even know how to date other girls in Korea. 9. [+1,111, -153] I don't care if she's a girl from K-pop or not. I would like to meet her. I hope that she doesn't judge me. 10. [+1,099, -135] If she's a guy, I would have been how to find girlfriend online willing to fuck her up the ass and fuck her brains out, just like she said earlier. 11. [+857, -135] I wouldn't want her. She's a whore. But the fact that she thinks she's an angel is really surprising. It's good that she's trying to find her way in the business but the reality is that she's only a whore, and her image isn't helping at all. 12. [+946, -135] I don't think she's a Korean chick. She's a whore. She's always looking at the other girl's ass. 13. [+904, -135] She's a bitch ㅋㅋㅋ 14. [+769, -133] Why are you so negative? She's a pretty girl, so what's the problem. 15. [+676, -131] She's really cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ her big breasts are also korean girls melbourne so big ㅋㅋㅋ - Article: Kim Do Kyung's ex-girlfriend 'Hana' releases her first album 'Gangnam Style' Source: X Sports News via Nate 1. [+1,063, -141] I don't really understand the point of why she's saying she has a lot of feelings and doesn't care about her own career and stuff, and I don't understand why she can't take care of herself 2. [+1,057, -124] I guess she just thinks that her career is what's important, not herself and her relationship 3. [+1,093, -142] I'm totally cool with her doing all the drama and acting 4. [+1,097, -142] She's a true Korean beauty 5. [+1,066, -139] The Korean girl with the best skin is Lee Soo Hyun 6. [+1,043, -121] If she had a real boyfriend she wouldn't be dating a celebrity who is popular 6. [+1,034, -126] Oh my god the only reason she dated a celebrity is korean websites because of him 7. [+1,026, -118] This melissa in korean is just ridiculous 8. [+1,033, -134] If she went to the movies and got drunk she would probably get hit by a car ㅋㅋㅋ 9. [+858, -74] I bet she's just a fanboy to get attention 10. [+946, -62] This isn't even about Korean dating, this is about Korean celebrities dating each other. That doesn't even make sense. And you even called hot korean girl this a fake news story 11. [+917, -71] If she was so bad at her job, she wouldn't have got so drunkㅋㅋㅋ she would have just left the restaurant alone and left ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 12. [+871, -52] Her job is really difficult, she should quit her job instead of dating. 13. [+891, -57] What's the point of being a celebrity dating when the person is never going to see a real date? I bet they only go to clubs and parties. 14. [+855, -54] They've been dating for a month and they are already dating? If she was a good person, she would quit her job and go home. 15. [+823, -52] She must not really know what she's doing. The last time she dated a celebrity she was so desperate for attention that she did it even if it was just to gain publicity. 16. [+800, -34] I bet she went to a group's fan meeting, but it must be the same as a normal fan meeting since it's not like anyone was there for her