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Korean pop singer Psy also made a name for himself, especially in Korea, in the late 90's. He was the youngest singer to debut in the country, and one of the most popular performers. Although he was the star of the group 2NE1, which released a series of hit singles, and also appeared as the lead singer of several songs, most of his popularity came from the hit movie 'Gangnam Style'. However, even now, in Korea, Psy still remains a popular and respected singer, even if he doesn't get as much attention as he used to, as a result of his 'Gangnam Style' success and popularity.

Psy, as a member korean girls melbourne of K-pop group K-pop group, has become a part of asian ladies looking for man a worldwide phenomenon. He is a singer who can easily draw attention to himself, and his performance is usually highly praised by the public. As a result, many people like to see what is going on melissa in korean behind the stage. And of course, many people, including celebrities, want to get their hands on Psy's music, even if it means getting into a group to date. Psy is a how to find girlfriend online very handsome and stylish man, with a very charming smile. He wears suits, which he wears to hide the fact that he is not very well-groomed. Psy's hair is always in an updo. Psy usually goes for black clothes, but if there's a occasion, he can usually be seen wearing white clothing, which he has been known to wear in previous shows, or just as a casual shirt. Psy wears a large, dark-brown scarf on his head which he always keeps on during a show. Psy's face is always full of smiles and his eyes are always bright. His outfit hot korean girl consists of white shirt, dark-brown pants and a large dark-brown cloak. Psy can also be seen wearing the standard of a girl's outfit, with a brown belt, a green top and a red jacket with a gold-coloured zipper, the latter being his favorite. His signature haircut is a short, square-cut topknot that he can usually wear in various situations.


In the anime, Psy's original name was "Mikasa", which was the name of a fictional character from a Japanese children's book series, Mikasa, where he is portrayed as a boy-loving, smart girl. In the manga, his original name is "Kyuushin", a feminine form of the Japanese word "kyuushin" (meaning "man"), which translates to "bright and cheerful". His character design for the anime was based on that of a female character from the anime series. In the Japanese version, he calls himself "Seohyun" (literally, "bright and energetic", in reference to his high energy levels), though it seems that he only called himself Seohyun once. In the anime, he often calls himself "Seohyun" instead of "Seohyun" because he was tired of hearing "Seohyun" being called by the English-speaking audience. In the English dub, "Seohyun" was used instead. However, in the American English dub, the dub staff decided to use the Japanese name in the second half of the episode, as they wanted to show that Seohyun's personality was quite different to that of Psy. In the anime, Seohyun is portrayed as a somewhat carefree person, and not as someone who is a carefree person. He seems to be rather open minded and has a good sense of humour. He does not show any sort of grudge in his relationships with girls. In the manga, it was mentioned that Seohyun was a high school student who was also an idol.

In the anime, Seohyun first meets Psy during a tournament, and in the manga, he is introduced at the end of episode 20. As Psy is introduced, he is very enthusiastic to meet Seohyun, which he enjoys, but the two don't actually like each other at all. The two only start to get along as a group of friends, and Seohyun is shocked when Psy decides to leave him for another boy. Seohyun is shocked, and tells Psy that he loves him and he is okay with that.

In the end of the series, Seohyun and Psy are back together as a pair. However, Psy is still very reluctant to meet with Seohyun, even after they have already met on the court.

In the second season of the anime, Seohyun is introduced as the player that will challenge Ryo, who was disqualified from the last round of the tournament, during the next round. Seohyun meets up with Ryo and tries to explain that he was playing against his sister, because she was going to beat him. This doesn't stop him from beating Ryo, however. He then meets Seohyun's sister, Yooni, who is also a student of Ryo's and also goes on a date with Seohyun. Yooni tells Seohyun about her family and how she and her siblings were orphaned at an early age. She was adopted by the Seohyun family and raised in the same household, while she was given Ryo's name. Seohyun then introduces herself as Seohyun and Yooni's sister, and tells Yooni that she doesn't know how to properly play the game of Love Game and that she must learn. Yooni is also introduced to Seohyun, who introduces herself as Seohyun's sister. They both share the same dream of playing the Love Game, and it's this that sets the two on a date. While they play a game, Seohyun tells Yooni about how she used to be a normal girl and how her parents were never involved in her life.