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1. Do you have Korean friends that you visit regularly? 2. Do you have a local Korean friend that you meet and go out with often? 3. Do you know any Korean dating sites or apps that you frequent?

4. If you do go to meet girls online or with your friends, do you think they are being honest when they answer your messages?

5. How many Korean girls are you interested in, and how many do you want to get in your personal circle? (The korean girls melbourne numbers are in %.)

This is a great place for those people that want to know more about the culture of Korea and also want to be able to speak a little English or at least to know a little about Korean girls. It's free and you don't have to be a complete stranger to check it out.

It's also a great resource for anyone who has just moved to Korea or for those who want to learn more about the culture. I think most of the people that use this site would have no idea they were on it if it weren't for it being so well written and easy to read.

I found a very interesting post by a woman that used to visit Korea on a monthly basis in her twenties. She wrote a post called "Life and Dating in Korea". It's pretty much a summary of korean websites what her life was like when she visited Korea and what she liked and didn't like about it. You can see her full post here

It's worth a read. I'm going to make a new post for you guys about Korea's culture in the near future. I'll share a couple of pictures of the places that I saw (that I didn't see in the previous post), but the more interesting post is going to be on the women. Let me know if you think there are any Korean girls that you'd like to talk to, and I'll try to share some pictures in the next post.

I also wanted to say how much I'm enjoying living in the US for about a month now, and how much I would love to travel more in the future. I'm very excited to see Korea next week and hopefully get to meet up with Korean friends for a dinner and a drink somewhere along the way. In the mean time, I thought I'd post a few pics I took in my time in Korea. If you're melissa in korean interested in seeing some of the girls I met, click on the image to the left, but be warned that most of the girls on this list are pretty well known. I'm just here to have some fun and get a closer look. Here is the first meet up: This was the second meet up, and it was great. I got a chance to talk to my first friend in Korea.