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We met a few days ago, when she came to my place. She was 17 and from the city of Seonwoo, in South Korea. She was wearing the same cute uniform as her classmates, except that it was black. She's a bit chubby but she always has a smile. Her hair is the same, but now it was red. Her face was pretty, but her eyes looked a bit red. My roommate is the only one that knows her, and even he isn't close to the other girls. We both knew she had to be a virgin because of the hair and face. She had a bit of an innocent side as well. Her name is Moo Moo, which means "the red one". Moo Moo is a red korean girl. I don't know what happened to her after the summer, and I don't know when she was born. I've had lots of fun with her and her friends, so I thought it would be nice to find out korean girls melbourne more about her.

What is your favorite color? Red/Brown (mah-oo-roh) - this is my favorite color of all. How old were you when you met Moo Moo? I was 14. I was born and raised in Korea. Moo Moo's favorite foods are: fish, ramen and bibimbap. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes. What is the best thing that happened in your life in the last two months? I met a guy. What is your hobby/doll/cute thing to do? Playing on the internet. Do you have any hobbies that you don't want to mention? Playing piano. How many girls have you met in the past one month? 10. What does "totally cool" mean to you? I've never seen anything cool. Who do you look up to the most in life? My family and my mom. What is your favourite food? Steamed bbq beef. Do you do much exercise? I do. My favorite things to do are walking in the mountains, running around, eating and talking. What is your biggest fear? I don't have any fears. My biggest fear is not getting enough sleep and sleeping for too long. What is your favorite thing about Korea? The people. I like Koreans because I like their way of life. I like the way they smile and laugh and I am not a big fan of other countries. What's the most amazing thing you've seen on the plane? I think the best thing I saw was the first time a plane landed in Seoul. I think we all had the same reaction, the whole plane flew over like it korean websites was the World Trade Center. That was amazing. Do you have a favorite place to go out in Seoul? We go to The Grand Theatre. It's a big hall and it's a nice place to sit. It has a bunch how to find girlfriend online of tables, a stage, it's got a great view. Do you think that you'll ever live in Seoul? I really hope so, but the rent is crazy. It's about 2,000 to 3,000 a month, and I think I'll be OK. But I've been living here since I was like 12, so I'm not really a big fan of the rent, and I just want to be happy. So I'll see how it goes. The Grand is a big place! (laughs) i can find a lover i can find a friend But you'll be on the street all the time, so I'm not too worried about that.

JT: You're already on tour. (laughs) JW: Yeah, I'm on tour for about four weeks. I do lots of things during the tour, but for this song, I wanted to come up with a new way to make it. I made this kind of song with no structure. It had a great melody, but it wasn't a conventional song. JT: It really wasn't. It was very unconventional. You put it on your iPod, it played all the time, and it just made you feel happy. And that was kind of asian ladies looking for man what I wanted to try with this one, to be able to do something like that.

What is it like to live as a korean girl? A melissa in korean : Well, the girls I have been with have all been amazing and fun. They are always happy to go places and meet new people. Most of them have also had the chance to work at a Japanese fast food restaurant that I have visited several times. I have not been with any of the girls who go out to karaoke every night. It's kind of a weird thing to do with all the korean girls, but I guess it's my own personal thing. I also go to a karaoke club regularly and it's always great. There's a lot of different types of korean girls that can be found at this club, and they have always been great to hang out with. Some of them are really hot and they are always a few steps ahead of the game with their karaoke. If hot korean girl you ever get the opportunity to go on a date with any of them, make sure you get there at least an hour early just in case. I always wait till it's dark before going to the karaoke bar, because it's always so crowded. Most of them are very attractive and really make fun of you for trying to be with another girl. If you go with them, they will usually give you some free drinks because you just got into a karaoke bar. Also, a lot of them will get a little drunk so you are more of a risk.